What is your style?

Craftsman, contemporary, tudor, modern, prairie school, shingle style, colonial, low country, Italian renaissance, there are many possible architectural styles to consider. With a little creativity, one design can encompass a synthesis of styles that has the roots of tradition, and a bold new look never before seen. Here at Good & Edward we will take you on a style journey to help you find what exactly fits your individual tastes and what enhances your lifestyle. More

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Much thought is given to a home interior, but don’t forget the great outdoors. Outdoor spaces are an extension of your home’s living space. With some creativity, your outdoor rooms can be a part of your life throughout the year, not just the summer months. They can be a cozy personal space, a family fun zone, or perfect for entertaining.More

Design Services

Your life’s adventure is influenced by the PLACES you live, work, and visit. They are a big part of the experiences that make up your life. Whether it is your home, business, or someplace else. We are here to help you...

Builders & Developers

Targeted services specifically for the unique requirements of builders and developers.

The Porch

Residents Club | Sales Center

Represent the style, attract visitors, market the properties, in the end it becomes a community center for homeowners.More

Themed Environment Graphics

The visual aspects of communicating identity and brands, themed styles, information design, wayfinding, and shaping a sense of place.More

Entrance Identity

The Entrance Identity

Differentiate your project from your competition by creating a themed attraction with the logo and the style theme where potential buyers can't miss it, create an unforgettable entrance to your project.More


We listen to your needs and goals while learning about your lifestyle. We include the homeowner as a member of the design team.

Studio Work

Thoughtful selection of colors and materials are an important element in the aesthetics of a design. They can also help define an architectural style.More

“Style is very personal.
Great design
allows you to
realize your style
and create your
own space.”

Old Mill

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